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Espontanea Mente is a project by the artist Pama Loiola from her experiences of combining the traces of children's drawing and her pictorial style with the aim of creating a plural art.


"I bring the child's naive expression to the universe of my art and transform that moment into a unique memory, a more powerful work. 

It is a joint work. "

                                                            Pama Loiola

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Choose some children's drawings, look for those childhood memories hidden in the drawer or encourage the little ones to create freely

 Follow the instructions for downloading, paying and sending the drawings

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Receive in 30 days the work of the artist Pama Loiola made exclusively and perpetuate that moment of childhood in the form of art

How does it work?

“Using the original drawings of children from 4 years old, I try to understand and explore their expressive roots and reproduce them with my language and technique. I just reconstruct what has already been created. It is a joint work. For me, it is to show purity and spontaneity. For the child, it is to perpetuate that moment of early childhood and bring it to the level of work of art. ”

Pama Loiola

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How much it costs?

e sBy being part of the Project, you give the child the opportunity to build a joint work with the artist Pama Loiola and receive the finished work in acrylic on canvas, in the final measure 60x60cm, in approximately 30 days.


 A certificate of authenticity is provided, and it guarantees the originality and exclusivity of the piece. 


The price to be part of the  € 350 (three hundred and fifty euros). It can be paid through Paypal according to payment instructions. Payment is made in two installments, the first at the time of order and the second at the time of shipment. Shipping costs will be included in the second installment.

for more information contact:

Who is Pama Loiola?

Pama Loiola is a visual artist who approaches in her aesthetic the primitive, the original in its purest sense. 


In her research processes, she has been studying and observing naive art for years. What she has been realizing is the immediacy that visual and technological resources bring today, they end up exhausting the need for an original personal narrative characteristic of this artistic manifestation and so rich in spontaneity, meaning and expression.

Where, then, can we recover this spontaneous art in its purest sense? A child's universe is the answer. In the drawing or painting of a child, the spontaneity of the gesture is perceived, the form, the flat spaces, the pure paints, the detachment of the rational, in short, several elements that rescue this primary and creative expression. 


That is how the Espontânea Mente project was born.

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“"With Espontânea Mente Pama

reinforces her power as a visual artist who transits through all contemporary artistic modalities: drawing, sculpture, installations, paintings ... Her works of art show the ability to exalt and reconnect conceptually social, human and cultural contexts. " 


Dr. Andrés I. M. Hernández 

Curator, Critic and Professor of Visual Arts