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How does it work?

1.      Select a series of the child's works or encourage the child to create and include a signature - handwritten or a child's digital mark.


2.      Send this material to the artist via email, together with the signed authorization - download here - for use of the image.

3.      Make the payment of the first installment through Paypal


4.      The artist becomes familiar with the line, perceives the child's age, poetics and chooses a job to reinterpret. It is important to emphasize that the final work will be developed by the artist, through her subjective criteria. Any suggestion or request must be made when sending the images, and may or may not be accepted / contemplated by the artist.

5.      The artist develops a unique work in acrylic on canvas, in size 60x60cm. 


6.      The work on canvas comes with the artist's signature on the back and a certificate of authenticity issued by Galeria Canoa, the artist's international representative, and an explanation of the project.


7.      Make the second installment payment, plus shipping costs. 


8.      Shipping time: approx. 30 days.