Vera Ferro Interview


Why art?  Why did you choose this career? 

I didn't choose it; I was chosen by it. I paint since childhood...


What's the message you'd like to send with your art?

 I want to be able to share questions, thoughts and feelings with people.


 What are your main influences?

 Contemporary painters such as William Kentridge and others.


What are your main themes and why?

With the Ferramentas (Tools) series, I think of ways to fix the world! Now, I am currently working on old photos Teatro da Memoria (Memory Play) as a way to save memories of the past.

I've been working on the refugee theme for a few years, because I'm sensitive about the subject and I want people to think about it.


What is your target audience?

Human beings who want to humanize themselves.


What are the preferred media?

I love working with watercolor and nanking on paper, with engraving and with oil on canvas. It depends a lot on my state of mind.

Watercolors require delicacy, and oil, for me, responds better to more deep and dense feelings.