Pama Loiola


“Objects are full of memories, symbols, emotions. The stored, canned, embalmed things survive time and carry symptoms of loss, attachment, awareness of the rapid change of things and concepts. Stimulated by its forms, I began to gather and classify the discards of my universe - drawers, bedside tables, cabinets, disused utensils - and work on them to bring out all the meanings that are hidden there, and thus tell stories, provoke, relocate everyday life. To attain my aim, I also use photos, scraps of fabric, letters. From my memories, I try to reach the collective unconscious: often, the observer gets restless, gets emotional. If this happens, I have achieved my goal”, she reports.

Pama experiments a wide range of materials and solutions to create her works such as ceramic, metal, polyester resin, wood, and paper. Those material resources she combines with her inspiration on religious festivals in Minas Gerais *, the hills, and colors of the interior of Bahia*, the prehistoric caves, old photographs. In addition to creativity and talent, the artist dedicates herself to long hours of study and research, which results in vast volumes of experiments that show the work in process.


*Brazilian central and north regions, respectively