Olivia Niemeyer


In Olivia's point of view, a visual artist designs content for his work, imagining that he can materialize and convey meanings. As a matter of fact, what an artist can expect is that his work will give rise to diverse resonances, unknown cuts, unusual meanings.

Olivia works with overlays, sentence fragments, stamps, frottage, and monotype. She erases, adds, deletes, and modifies during all the creating process. Creating is almost playing a game.


Over the ‘Hileas’ collection, Olivia says: “Leaf stamps, or insects, overlapped, confusingly covering the entire canvas. In the middle, on some but not all screens, a horizontal but not continuous line divides, side by side, but does not completely separate the screen, as if it were a place where vegetation was thinning, overcoming, or as if the light insisted on penetrating the tangle of foliage the winner. This is what interests me: the oscillation, the 'buts', the 'the other way around', what is not undoubtedly visible, which is only offered, continually stealing from the viewer's gaze.”