Menote Cordeiro


Menote Cordeiro is inspired by nature, culture, and regional traditions, the mythological universe, and the sacred to create his works.

Always searching for new languages and techniques, the artist explores different materials and supports to create genuine pictorial ornaments, which look more like embroidery made by brush and color.

Rivers, flowers, archangels, gods, and deities invade his canvases in a unique harmony and detail, which leaves the viewer ecstatic.

Flora and fauna of the Cerrado are always present in the paintings of Menote. In his childhood, by the river that flows into his hometown, he spent hours admiring the fishes that moved like brushes and awakened in the boy the fascination of colors multiplied by the brightness of the waters. Today, fishes inhabit numerous of his paintings, drawn from the deepest of his history. Behind the fishes come birds, flowers, and all the lush beauty that the nature of your region presents.

Water is almost omnipresent. The river flows again, the aqua turns to sea: and there are the fishes still as if moving from frame to frame, swimming in an entire liquid course - the unconscious.

It is from this unconscious that his trees and his relentless desire to make contact also arise. Whether by the silence of the roots beneath the earth, evoking our connection with a time of memory, or, on the other hand, through the upward branches in search of the new, the eternal.

Menote is a poet who writes his verses with images and adornments.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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