Cris Rocha

Cris Rocha started in the ceramics world as a pupil of Heloisa Alvim, studying in her studio from 1977 to 1979. Then she took classes with Eva Ilg for two more years and with Elvira Schuartz, from Espaço Zero in São Paulo. Her formation also had names like Afrânio Montemurro and Cecília Akemi, from Studio Terra Fogo. She was a student of Shoko Suzuki and Kenjiro Ikoma.

The ceramist, unlike other visual artists, bases his work on the surprise of the unusual. The four elements of nature - earth, water, fire and air - are responsible for defining the result, which is always unique.  The artist adapted the century-old technique - Raku -  that was previously used only in tea ceremony, producing decorative pieces such as those presented here.