Contemporary Baroque - Exhibition by Brazilian artist Sérgio Ramos

   Together with the  Embassy of Brazil in Berlin, Galeria Canoa presented, from 14/6 to 9/9/2019, the exhibition Contemporary Baroque by the Brazilian artist Sérgio Ramos, curated by the journalist Denise Guidetti.


The artist


  The artist and architect Sérgio Ramos has performed about 80 exhibitions in more than 28 years of career. He currently resides in the city of Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, where he has an atelier and an art gallery.

  His works are marked by a playful characteristic that is evident at first glance. The artist also combines his academic knowledge with the classical perception of art. His creations, representations of his own reality, suggest parallel universes, with various possibilities of interpretation from the observer.


 The exhibition


   “Barroco Mineiro” is the name given to the peculiar version of the Baroque style in Brazil´s colonial period, between the beginning of the eighteenth century and the end of the nineteenth century.

   The exuberance of forms and drama are two of its main characteristics. The sacred representation, the aristocracy and the daily life of the cities of the interior are the main themes.

   In this exhibition, the Baroque expressive freedom is present in the continuous search for a work that is both obvious and complex, an impression of circumstances and icons that, although seeming isolated, make up the same scene inspired by literature, music or everyday elements.

SR Ou - Outonal (Autumnal)- acrylic on c
SR BN - Bossa Nova- acrylic on canvas -