Heloisa Corrêa

With an evident influence of abstract expressionism, as well as modernism´s geometric and informal abstraction, Heloisa Corrêa´s works seek their expressive dynamics in the colors, lines, and shapes.


Born in Brazil, Heloisa graduates in Fine Arts at the University of Caxias do Sul. After finishing her degree, the artist moves abroad, living in United States, Mexico and Argentina. These experiences were fundamental to the development of her artistic path. Her international career started in 1994 when she moves to Germany and gets involved with the European art scene. She takes classes with prominent teachers and settles her atelier firstly in Stuttgart and then Berlin.


After three years living and working in Venezuela, she moves back to Berlin in 2012, becoming part of the European artistic vibration, with her style and talent attracting lots of attention due to her multicultural influence. “The experience of living in different places and the possibility of assimilating other cultures always have influenced my work and my view of the world. I never compare places or ways of living; I just make myself part of it and take the differences and similarities as inspiration”, says Heloisa. Her career comprehends many international solo and group exhibitions. She also has artworks as part of important private collections in Germany.


Heloisa was also a painting guest teacher at Pedagogical University Weingerten, Germany.

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