Maria Jordao Interview


Why art? Why diy you choose this career?

Painting first happened in my life when I was working as a Math teacher. It was being developed, seized and ended up becoming a permanent challenge. Art have enchanted me with its eternal challenge. The fact of not knowing how a painting should begin, the uncertainty in front of a blank canvas and the countless choices that are made during the process of organizing the pictorial language, make the art of creating images an intense living experience. They are small moment that represent how life is. Each work is a single act; with a beginning, a middle and an end and we live each phase in deep immersion. With painting I am whole, I am myself.  I live my troubles, anxieties, insecurities. I exercise patience, tolerance and determination, choosing what I suppose harmonizes all the elements of the language already chosen. Building something new is always a challenge. Building different speeches with shapes, lines and colours is reinventing yourself each time. It's asking questions and not giving answers. 


What are your main influences?

I've fallen for Turner, Renoir, Monet, Bonnard and Joan Mitchell - impressionists in search of light.  Sensations translated by colour. Daydreams. Joan Mitchell with abstract and deconstructed landscapes.  I visit those often but also seek in the great artists lessons from classical painting to contemporary painting. Different point of views at different times.  Using the same elements, I think experience the countless possibilities of expression. 


What are your main themes and why?]

My landscapes are constructions that can resemble already known images of nature.  I construct relationships between lines and colourful planes in search of a harmonic equilibrium. The colour is always the protagonist and needs to have excellence and provoke the people´s eyes. The colour poured into organic shapes creates an artistic image of the world and confers unique value on the painting.


What is your target audience?

My target audience are those interested in painting. Those who want to enjoy beauty, provocation...



What is your preferred media?

I'm a painter who loves ink and colours. I'm a painter who loves the easel. I express myself and reveal myself with them. With the freedom of inks, I defy my own freedom. I care about the painting result, how each layer of paint mixes with the others and how each overlay is incorporated into the developing idea.