Paulo de Tarso

Paulo de Tarso is an artist of gesture, form, movement, and, above all, the finesse of the look. He is a bachelor in architecture but eclectic by nature. Everything that makes him think about is part of his interests. Paulo de Tarso explores icons of everyday life, semantics and design, psychology, philosophy, and many stereotypes to compose his works and to tell with his art what he wants to say. The artist is not always light in his speech. His art is often provocative, political and critical.

On the Podolatry Collection, Paulo explores the fascinating world of the feminine and the symbolic fetishes of feet and their ornaments. He plays with forms and emptiness to create plasticity to his works and thus reveal sensuality and pleasure. Nothing is explicit, but it says it all. There is no exaggeration, but elegance. There is no vulgarity but provocation.

The images are supposed to be appreciated calmly, tasted like a fine delicacy, which, although spicy, we want to delight eating until the end.