Interview with Pama Loiola

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What are your main influences?

The first thing that attracted me was the drawings of Lautrec. The line, the deformed image. Today I acknowledge that I am encouraged by the texts of Adélia Prado, for the originality of Guimarães Rosa and the forerunners of three-dimensional collage-like Kurt Shuiters and Farnese de Andrade. However, I still seek to create a work that comes out of my backyards, my roots.


What are your main themes and why?]

I keep creating objects or paintings that talk about the action of time on things. My experiences.


What is your target audience?

The admirers of contemporary art, gallerists, and collectors.


What is your preferred media?

I use unusual media and materials. I seek objects in my personal universe.  I take advantage of them and use them according to the idea I develop. Any object that attracts me goes to the box waiting for the right time to be used..  I build three-dimensional collages – assembly.

I also paint on canvas.

Why art? Why did you choose this career?

 I think art has chosen me. I don't remember thinking about being something else.  When it came time to opt, I was decided, I went to the University of Fine Arts to pursue art education.


What message would you like to spend with your artwork?

I would like my work to awaken in people, their emotions are hidden by that moment when we do not stop to perceive or feel anything.